Run, Rebel

By Manjeet Mann


I am strength

I am power

I am courage

I am revolution

I am Amber Rai

Amber is trapped – by her family’s rules, by their expectations, by her own fears. But on the running track she is completely free. As her body speeds up, the world slows down. And the tangled, mixed up lines in her head get s t r a i g h t e r . . .

It’s time to start a revolution: for her mother, for her sister, for herself.

Run, Amber. Run.

Run, Rebel is a world premier adaptation of Manjeet Mann’s celebrated novel. Following the acclaimed productions of Noughts and CrossesCrongton Knights and The Bone Sparrow, Pilot Theatre brings another spellbinding adaptation of the very best recent young adult fiction to UK stages. Combining physical theatre and mesmerising visuals, and performed by a multi-talented ensemble this promises to be another landmark co-production made especially for audiences of 11+.

Co-produced with Mercury Theatre Colchester, Belgrade Theatre Coventry, Derby Theatre and York Theatre Royal.

Tessa Walker (Director of Run, Rebel) 'It’s such a pleasure to be working with Manjeet on this adaptation of her beautiful, powerful, unique novel. When the two of us starting working on adapting it from the page to the stage a number of years ago we knew then it was Pilot who would be the very best company to collaborate with to make the piece come to life so to work now with them is genuinely a privilege.'

Esther Richardson (Artistic Director of Pilot Theatre) 'Run, Rebel is the fourth production in our acclaimed series of adaptations of the work of contemporary young adult authors. 
The project has sought to bring brand new stories to the stage for young adults and secondary school age children, introducing them to characters who are living and experiencing the world as they are too in the 2020s. 
The goal has been to inspire an expansion and diversification of the range of work that is made and programmed for this age group, including on the school curriculum: we’ve aimed to enable theatres and schools to offer to young people & their carers & educators, narratives that are fresher and may feel more immediately relevant and relatable to their lives, than might be said of existing set and “classic” texts. 
Run, Rebel proudly follows in the footsteps of Noughts and Crosses (now a set text), Crongton Knights and The Bone Sparrow. We are thrilled to be working with Manjeet Mann and Tessa Walker and our consortium partners - Belgrade Theatre, Colchester Mercury, Derby Theatre and York Theatre - on this groundbreaking collection of work.'

A full education offer will be developed to accompany this production. If you would like more information please email [email protected].

Tour Dates 2023

Mercury Theatre Colchester

24 Feb - 04 Mar

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York Theatre Royal

07 Mar - 11 Mar

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Derby Theatre

14 Mar - 18 Mar

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Belgrade Theatre Coventry

21 Mar - 25 Mar

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Illustration by Manjit Thapp.