The Bone Sparrow

Pilot Theatre will be touring a production of award-winning novel for young audiences, The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon. The play considers the displacement of and the treatment of refugees and sanctuary seekers. It aims to have a social and political impact of those who see it, expanding their understanding.

Pilot’s offer is to secondary schools and youth groups and includes a wide participation programme attached to this production. The offer includes the opportunity to see the production at a range of theatre venues across the UK, one off workshops, a free education pack accessible online and/or engagement with longer-term theatre making projects. In whichever way schools and youth groups wish to engage with the production and participation programme, we are aiming to build long-term and sustainable relationships that have longevity beyond the delivery of the project and production.

The production is the third of a four year programme of work targetted at younger audiences working with a consortium of theatres - Derby Theatre, Belgrade Coventry, Mercury Colchester and York Theatre Royal - so we are particularly keen to hear from young people and schools in those areas who would like to get involved with us over the programme of work..

Other opportunities include post show discussions or opportunities to interview a cast member of a member of the creative team - either in person at one of the venues or remotely through the Pilot Office.

Our participation projects will provide young people with an opportunity to use the themes and story of The Bone Sparrow to question inequality in society, to have high quality artistic experiences with a professional theatre company, and to feel nationally connected with young people across the UK through the shared experience of seeing this production and participating in this project.

To discuss further please contact us at [email protected].