We provide all equipment but just ask you to provide a stable internet connection (preferably not shared) with a minimum of 10mbps upload speed. We will also need mains power supply for cameras and a vision mixer.

The cameras are small and mounted on a tripod, we also bring streaming hardware and a vision mixer which would fit on a table a 1.5 metres long. We can talk to you in advance about where the best place to set up the equipment so that it is not in the way of the audience.

We supply between 1 and 4 cameras and the number will depend on the type of event and venue where it is being held.

We will talk to you in advance of the event and if necessary arrange for a site meeting to talk through the detail. You can supply us with notes as to the emphasis of the live stream and we will do our best to focus on these shots.

It is very helpful to have a technical point of contact at the venue. We usually speak to your technical contact in advance. If you do not have any technical support we will work closely with you to make sure the livestream runs smoothly.

We have found that one of the most stable and free platforms for livestreaming is YouTube and we strongly recommend that you use this. The YouTube link can be embedded onto your own website page.

You own the rights to any films that we make for you, we don’t hold any rights. We keep a copy of footage for archive purposes only.

There is at present no definitive  Equity guidance on this so it is for you to work out an arrangement directly with your actors and any artist who has contributed to the creation of the work you want to record/livestream. The Space has provided a helpful introduction and checklist that arts organisations need to think about before embarking on the publication of a digital project. You can access that guide via this link "An introduction to digital rights".

We would advise that where possible you write any livestreaming performances into contracts at the beginning. If applicable it is worth emphasising  that the livestream is about increasing access for audiences for work which is after all subsidised for the benefit of everyone, will not involve any extra work for the actor and is not for commercial gain.  This would be the case for example if it was being streamed into a residential care home.


A non-returnable deposit of 15% of the quoted cost is payable on confirmation. If the booking is cancelled within 7 days of the event there is then a payment due of a further 10% plus any costs incurred which are unrecoverable (e.g pre-booked train fares, accomodation etc.) The quoted cost is on the basis of information supplied at the time of booking – if there is then any alteration to the requirements, Pilot Theatre reserve the right to amend the cost accordingly.